November 6, 2011                                                                                                                  
I am so blessed to be part of the Shalom Praise Team Ministry.  When my husband Anthony shared his vision for the ministry... I felt it so much in my heart that it came from GOD. God Instructed me to be by his side. It was a task, but God guided me through it.I made Aaron's garment in one weeks time. God help me to succeed a project I thought I would never do. In the first year of ministering... GOD'S presence was saturating the atmosphere of HIS people. As we have arrived into the third year, the breathe of God has Intensified greatly. As we minister in HIS grace... I feel HIS presence within me. How HE uses me as HIS instrument to pour out the true breathe of GOD upon HIS people. The spirit of GOD takes over and we find our selves surrounded in HIS love....I feel so blessed to be ministering with Brothers and Sisters who are passionately in love with the GOD of Abraham , Issiac and Jacob. To GOD be all the Glory... in every thing and all that we do for His name sake Jesus Christ.... Shalom

Submitted by Marisol Ventrice

Shalom Praise Team Ministries